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Coltri Compressors for the City of Johannesburg's firefighter

Firefighters, during serious and dangerous interventions, need systems to recharge their breathing support equipment。 As manufacturers of filling stations, helping firemen is one of the applications that make us proud, because we have the responsibility of their safety。 Being part of the equipment of those who are ready to risk their lives for the community fills us with pride。

This is why we are particularly happy to share with you that Coltri Compressors has become part of a program of equipment upgrade for the emergency services of the City of Johannesburg. Our filling units, already used by the diving team of the south african police, are now also supplied to the fire brigade. Four units have been prepared for use on trucks and three more ready to be used as a backup.

The chosen model to fill their breathing air cylinders is the TECH MCH 16 DY that belongs to the Efficient line. Electric start, automatic condensate drain system and autostop, ready to supply six 50 L cylinders at 300 bar.

幸运飞艇计划单期 Our stations are in need in every situation of serious emergency like really extensive fires. Compressors are placed on a sliding trolley that is pulled off as soon as they arrive in place; the exhaust fumes are vented out from the back, where we find a roller slightly dropped to prevent the fumes from reaching the compressor intake system.

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